The Book


Glitch Designing Imperfection

"Observed through the lens of a handsome
coffee table book, the amassed images
garner a deeper appreciation for the
digital fluke and make a convincing case
for accidents as source of inspiration."

Doug Black for Wallpaper

"Kinda trippy, and definitely techy."
Danny Allen - Gizmodo


(10 Stars)

"part coffee table art book,
part technological disaster with 206 images
of glorious computer foul-ups.

The Awesomer

"...contributors took inspiration from those
silicon freakouts to provide beautiful visuals
that make the Windows BSOD look like
the cold authoritarian artifact that it is.

Adrian Covert - PopSci

"...the definitive resource on the visual
art of synthetic chaos. "

Graham for Spike Jones' We love You So Blog


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Grab any of these images, post them
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book tell your friends about it or write
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You can also grab medium and
high resolution spreads from
an open directory here with
a text file for snippets of info
on authors, book designers,
web links.

Who has been interviewed

The book features a foreword
by Per Platou an introduction
by Iman Moradi and features interviews
with Angela Lorenz, Ant Scott, Kim Cascone
O.K. Parking and Johnny Rogers.

Who are the contributors?

List of featured contributors.

Daniel Althausen
Cory Arcangel
Scott Arford
Christophe Behrens
Michael Betancourt
Enrico Bravi
Alessandro Canova
Miguel Carvalhais
Kim Cascone
Yve Choquard
Curt Cloninger
Derek Collie
Roger Cosseboom
Taylor Deupree
Manuel Dilly
Jeff Donaldson
Paul Emery
Fairchild Semiconductor
Adam Farcus
Jerome Faria
Benjamin Fischer
Scott Fitzgerald
Tim Fox
Tina Frank
Nik Gaffney
Iris Garrelfs
Joe Gilmore
Mathias Gmachl
Vasco Godinho
Brent Gustafson
Alex Horber
Will Hurt
Eddy Joaquim
Tim Johnson
Daniel Julià
Jason Kahn
Mario Klingemann
Karl Klomp
Rainer Kohlberger
Jan Robert Leegte
Dimitre Lima
Rob Lycett
David Lu
Stephan Maich
Hamish McDougall
Chad McKinney
Iman Moradi
O.K. Parking
Alex Peverett
Norbert Pfaffenbichler
Per Platou
Andrea Polli
Nicky Proniewicz
Kristiano Pronin
Paul Prudence
Tim Redfern
Johnny Rogers
Billy Roisz


Michael R. Salmond
Ant Scott
Mike Scullen
Steven H. Silberg
Michael Norris
Megan Sproats
Daniel Stanciu
Ralph Steinbrüchel Telcosystems
Luciano Testi Paul
Dan Tombs
Kentaro Tsuji
Ben Ullman
James Warfield
Marius Watz
Kate Wintjes
kick snare kick snare -
(Akihiko Yoshida)






Glitch: Designing Imperfection

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What is it about?

Systems Fail. Errors Happen, Computers don't know whats going on. We see interesting and unusual visuals artefacts and glitches, We capture them!
At other times we provoke them!

This book presents a really colorful and vibrant variety of unusual visual glitch artwork from some
very talented people.

This book was 4 years in the making, and received over 900 contributions! The book is a must have for anyone with an interest in Glitch Art & Aesthetics. With interviews and introductions for those who want
to learn more.